Meet Britt Hedman

Meet Britt Hedman

My business background began in Västerås, Sweden In the early 70s, were I formed an independent computer-based business, specializing in typesetting and foreign language translation of technical documentation, instruction manuals, medical journals, and a wide variety of books, brochures and catalogs for major companies that included ASEA’s (now ABB) World Headquarters, Volvo, IKEA and other major Swedish companies.

In 1987 I migrated with my husband to Illinois in the United States, and later to Henry, TN in support of his heavy industrial business activities. After a few years that support included website design for his and related companies. Back then, the Internet was new, and I immediately realized the potential E-commerce. Over the years I have studied hard and kept abreast of the underlying technologies that make websites effective and highly visible to search engines. I specialize in not only creating distinctive company logos and other aspects of professional appearance websites, but in developing sites that a total stranger sitting at a keyboard anywhere in the world can find your business, simply by typing in the type of product or service he or she needs. With thousands, and more likely, hundreds of thousands, of companies world wide that do what you do, making sure that you are one of the first companies they find is what I strive to do.

From my home office in Henry, TN, I work with companies from San Diego to Seattle, to Cape Town, South Africa and Stockholm Sweden. Wherever you are located, we will work together as though I am sitting in your office, though we may never meet face-to- face. That’s the beauty of the World Wide Web. Your customers in Detroit, New York, London and Hong Kong, may never walk into your store or manufacturing plant, but they will know you well, and buy from you.

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