Domain Names

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a registered name with InterNIC (the governing body of the Internet). This name becomes a part of the Web and E-Mail address of your business. For example, BrittsDesign domain name is and the e-mail address is contact @

Should my company invest in a registered domain name?

By having your own domain name, you are saying that this is not just a trial run for your company on the Internet. You are here to stay and this permanency adds to the prestige of your Website. Your domain name is always yours and can be transferred from server to server if necessary. By printing your permanent domain name on your letterhead and business cards, you will not have to fear needing a reprint later should your Internet access provider change.

What else does a domain do for my company?

Whether your business is large or small, a domain name (with a professionally designed website) allows your company to appear to be a major corporation, leading many users into thinking that you have your own server and are not just leasing space from a host provider.

How does this help?

It gives the feeling of stability to your Internet image, and it creates a permanent World Wide Web address for your company.

What does it cost?

A domain name from Google is starting from $12/year depending on which extension you want: .com, .net, .us and so on  registration/maintenance fee per year for each domain name.

Can I check the availability of a domain name myself? provides a free service to determine who is the owner of an existing domain. If you would like to check the availability of a specific domain name, go to or another domain service. If you receive a “Sorry The domain(s) you searched for are not available” message, then the domain name is already taken. However, if someone else registers that name before you do, the other party will become the owner.

Domain Names